As a graphic designer working in an ad agency, I have come to realize over the years that many of my peers have multiple professions and identities. Some play in a band, some work as an illustrator too, and some even design their own toys. I can’t help but wonder what makes a designer designer and how is designer different from an artist. I have then looked into the difference between art and design, as well as how they have evolved around the world. Most of the designers these days are a combination of both identities. While we need to objectively push for work that suits the business reality, we also have the desire to add our subjective, creative input. Most designers often prefer to do what they are told first before moving on to create their own work. But sadly there aren’t that many platforms for designers to express themselves. Although efforts have been made to promote art and design in Chian, for example, art exhibitions, book fairs, etc, most of them are more catered to lesser-known artists, instead of designers. This is what drives me to create AIRPORT, a platform designed for commercial designers, that serves to showcase their works and enable them to express themselves.

Originally, I this project was intended to be both digital and physical, but due to COVID, it stalled. Going forwards, we would like to keep working on this platform and give more designers the visibilities to elevate their own voice.