The inspiration for this project is drawn from my everyday.

Very often, we would find ourselves stealing glances at others,

their phone, computer or the way they behave. I, as a result, began to develop a strong interest in this intriguing subject matter. The research I have done shows that everyone can be somewhat voyeuristic. It’s a human instinct. Psychologically, it has a lot to do with human’s tendency to extend personal boundaries, which can be achieved in many ways. Generally speaking, peeping is associated with negative connotations. But in our daily life, we still can’t help but do so. To me, people don’t peep entirely for illegal or immoral reasons. So in this project, I set out to document some of the things that I ‘peep’, and visualize the imaginings in my head, so as to de-stigmatize peeping, and reframe this behavior as a process to improve creativity.